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Downsizing Services

We are specialists in moving people into smaller places like apartments, villa’s and retirement villages.

We change the way people move into retirement. We think differently to your typical removalist.

We have a diligent all lady team suitable for seniors which provides a hassle free move with the added benefit of a personal service.

We have a range of moving services from straight forward removals to downsizing assistance relocation packages. We are the preferred supplier of moving services to a number of large retirement village groups in Australia.

We are passionate about providing our clients with comfort when they move house. Our convenience concept offers additional downsizing services for those that want them.

It's a luxury service for a small cost. Our fees are very competitive and represent a cost effective alternative to your traditional removalist and we offer a better service.

We have become known as a leading and innovative relocation service suitable for seniors.

Efficient, respectful & caring service.

Retirement living relocation expertise

Moving to a retirement village can be a very exciting lifestyle change and at the same time it can be a huge task. Depending on how long you have lived in your home often indicates the amount of work involved in the move. We cater for both fit independent retirees and also those that require additional support. Everyone wants a comfortable and hassle free experience when moving house. We go out of our way to make this happen and take care of all your moving requirements.

PrimeAvenue’s downsizing specialists will make you feel comfortable about moving to the retirement village. We certainly don’t make the move a bigger task than it really is. You’ll have complete confidence once you know PrimeAvenue can take care of everything. Our clients generally sit back and relax whilst we do all the work.

PrimeAvenue’s Relocation Co-ordinator will provide you as little or as much support as you require. Most importantly we’re available whenever you need to ask a question or require a little extra assistance.

We deess your move and offer you great value for money. The art of being a PrimeAvenue Relocation Co-ordinator is being sensitive and caring whilst offering a highly efficient service. We are completely hands on in everything we do including sorting, packing and unpacking and much more. It’s often the small extra details we do for you that makes the move more comfortable. It may be the pre-move consultation, the refreshments we provide on the busy day or the delicious dinner we serve you at the end of an exhausting day. Our client testimonials are exceptional. 
PrimeAvenue works with reputable retirement villages in Australia and is well known for providing first class moving & downsizing services to people moving to a retirement village. Our team members have up to 8 years experience which means we have perfected the way people move people into retirement villages. We are a leading moving & downsizing service for the lowest price.

PrimeAvenue’s packing and unpacking services are conducted by a fully trained packing & unpacking team of ladies who care about the service you receive. All team members have regular police checks, and a trained first aid team member is available.

If you are moving into a retirement village we should be your first point of call when it comes to moving, downsizing and organising your move.

Set Me Up relocation package – case study

Mr & Mrs Murphy lived in an immaculate small Sydney home and requested the Set Me Up relocation package as they had only been living in their current house for 3 years and had previously culled the majority of their unwanted items from the family home. A PrimeAvenue Relocation Solutions team of two ladies completely packed the items in their house into cartons the day prior to the move day. On the move day our panel removalist company, Karis Removals, loaded the cartons onto the truck, they also wrapped and loaded furniture and white goods.

On delivery to the new retirement villa at Tarragal Glen our team supervised the unloading of the truck and ensured the removalist placed the furniture in the correct position in the retirement villa.

The PrimeAvenue Relocation Solutions team of two ladies unpacked the cartons and set up the retirement villa exactly the way our client requested. We also set-up the TV, connected the washing machine, set up the kitchen, set up the bed room and made the bed. Once the villa was completely set up, our team vacuumed the floor and cleaned, removed the cartons and provided a free homemade roast dinner for Mr & Mrs Murphy. Using the Set Me Up relocation package our clients had been completely unpacked & set-up by 6pm and relaxing and enjoying their new retirement villa.

Downsize Me relocation package – case study

Mr & Mrs Clayton requested the Downsize Me relocation package as they lived in a large family house in the Central Coast. The last and they moved house was 35 years ago.

The Downsize Me relocation package provided the couple with a smooth transition into retirement, and also provided Mr & Mrs Clayton with “confidence building and support before the move as the couple were understandably experiencing heighten emotions as they prepared to leave the family home and take the next step into retirement living.

The PrimeAvenue Relocation Solutions co-ordinator assisted the couple 2 weeks prior to the move day by completing a pre-move organisation and assisted in supporting them in the decision making process of what to take to their new villa. The PrimeAvenue Relocation Solutions team were able to sell on behalf of the couple unwanted item’s on eBay which resulted in a handy pocket of cash for the couple. Other unwanted items were taken away and disposed of for the couple.

The day prior to the move day the PrimeAvenue Relocation Solutions team packed the entire house ready for Gosford Removals to load the cartons and wrapped furniture on the track. The usual medical box, essentials box, and hazardous box were used to keep these items separate for easy access and safety.

Delivery to the new retirement villa and unloading of the cartons and furniture occurred by 2pm, with the PrimeAvenue Relocation Solutions team supervising unloading and placement. As the job was so big we split the unpacking across 2 half days. By 6pm on the move day our team had completed the unpacking and set up of the kitchen, bed rooms and bathroom. The next day the PrimeAvenue Relocation Solutions team completed the remainder of the villa by 12noon.

Downsize Me relocation package – case study

We provided Mr & Mrs Moss with services under the Downsize Me relocation package to assist them with moving into a new retirement villa at Tarragal Glen. The main focus was removing fixtures from their existing house such as racking, shelving and heaters fixed to the wall. The PrimeAvenue Relocation Solutions team installed these fixtures to their new retirement villa. The PrimeAvenue Relocation Solutions team also assisted with Mr & Mrs Moss garage sale by arranging advertising, pricing and hanging up sign boards.

Mr & Mrs Moss also requested a Villa Fitting at their new retirement villa before they moved so that they could visualise how their furniture was going to be positioned and also to work out how much they could fit into their new villa for comfortable and practical living. The aim was not to clutter their new villa with everything from their house.

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